Nuclear Connect article- Duct weld quality


Duct weld quality is key to performance assurance

When it comes to assuring the performance of commercial and industrial ventilation products, attention to detail for each element of the manufacturing process is critically important. This is true for the specification of ductwork across the broadest spectrum of applications – from standard air movement solutions in commercial construction projects to the installation of systems in high consequence locations, including nuclear, pharmaceutical and advanced manufacturing environments.

According to Mark Simpson, Quality Manager with leading ductwork manufacturer Hargreaves, buyers and specifiers should pay particular attention to the quality and consistency of a producer’s welding procedures, because this is a core factor in determining the overall standard of a manufacturer’s products.

“Welding lies at the heart of the ductwork fabrication process,” comments Mark. “Once a building is commissioned and operational, its owners and users must be able to take the performance of its air movement system for granted. And, while the design of the air management system, and the quality of the materials used will both impact on the efficacy of the solution, the integrity of the welds will also be a vital determinant in ensuring that the system will continue to perform properly across the lifetime of the installation.”

It’s for this reason that Hargreaves ensures that all its welding activities are performed to the highest quality standards.

“All our welders are qualified in accordance with UKAS approved BS EN 15614”, says Mark. “This is the benchmark welding procedure test that they must be able to achieve. Our welders are also qualified in accordance with UKAS approved BS EN 287 – the qualification test for fusion welders. The standards that our welders must achieve are witnessed, evaluated and tested by a UKAS accredited company, which means that our welders’ abilities match and surpass the most demanding levels of skill set down by the government’s sole accreditation body.”

Hargreaves’ commitment to UKAS-evaluated standards means that the company’s customers are assured of quality and consistency for its mild and stainless steel high integrity air movement products.

“While ease of installation, high performance materials, cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal are all important criteria in choosing air management solutions, ensuring that an application has quality built into the heart of the system’s fabrication should also be a vital consideration,” says Mark. “As a manufacturer with a strong heritage partnering with high-consequence industries, as well as an enviable track record in manufacturing for retail, commercial and leisure, our commitment to fabricating to UKAS welding standard is central to our production philosophy – and it’s a standard that all our customers can rely on, whatever the purpose of their next project.”

Hargreaves is one of the UK’s leading providers of air movement and ventilation ductwork solutions, delivering projects throughout the UK ranging from Nuclear and Industrial Processes, to Healthcare, Retail, Commercial and Leisure.