Hargreaves, one the UK’s leading providers of air movement and ventilation ductwork solutions, has been awarded a prestigious certification in quality and fabrication standards by Sellafield Ltd.
Bury-based Hargreaves has now become only the third Sellafield supplier to receive the Quality and Fabrication Standards certification developed in collaboration with contractors in the industry.
The certification process was developed as part of Sellafield’s assurance activities to reduce the risks of encountering shortfalls in performance through the supply chain.
Managing Director of Hargreaves, Tim Hopkinson, acknowledged the achievement saying: “Hargreaves is proud to have been awarded this certification from Sellafield and to have demonstrated that we can meet the rigorous standards of one of the largest nuclear facilities in the world.
“We have a long history of supporting the site and, with this certification, we are now able to demonstrate to our supply chain partners that we are strongly positioned to deliver quality solutions to accept nuclear industry challenges going forward.”
The certification process involves the completion of a formal gap analysis against the organisation’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems programme and any other specific Sellafield Technical or Quality requirements. The gap analysis then allows the Lead Auditor to develop a detailed check list to use at the supplier’s workplace.
Noting the significance of the certification, Sellafield Commercial Director, Keith Case, explained: “Sellafield needs contractors and suppliers who can perform to the highest standards, so we have developed this new certification standard to offer increased assurances around our supply chain’s capabilities.
“Achieving this certification is a mark of Hargreaves’ commitment to high quality performance and I would like to thank them for their continued support to our business.”
During a typical certification assessment, the Sellafield team will review numerous documents, conduct physical inspections at the supplier’s workplace, and assess their manufacturing capabilities, capacities, level of automation, technical and engineering competence and flexibility. Direct interviews with the senior management team will cover issues such as policies and procedures and roles and responsibilities. Throughout the entire process, the audit teams collect objective evidence to support the decision making process and to aid the preparation of the certification report.
Founded in 1872, Hargreaves is an established manufacturer, contractor and supplier of ductwork and ventilation products nationwide.
The company has a track record of delivering complex ductwork projects, and has worked extensively within the nuclear industry, and also the pharmaceuticals, rail including tunnels, retail, commercial and leisure sectors.